What are bets version of Best Makita Impact Drivers 2016?

It is obvious that construction in spite of size always remain imperfect without an ideal drilling device and for piercing purpose, users can remember various names. However, do all impact drivers perform equally well at time of drilling. According to me, answer is no. Thus, an urgency for finding out an appropriate drilling device is big.

Therefore, in this article I have stopped by stating a perfect and famous brand name known as Makita, which makes incredible products in order to make drilling operation sooner and better. It is worth mentioning that best Makita impact driver of 2016 are very famous globally due to fastening, drilling and driving purposes.

Makita products ensure higher performance, offer compact design and easy to use. Moreover, great things always come from great company. Therefore, it is advisable to before analyzing any product, always look at company, which make it.

Five Best Makita Impact Drivers 2016

Now, I would like to share the five best Makita impact driver of 2016, which are truly winning the hearts of users due to amazing features and outstanding performance.

  • Makita XT260 18vlot LXT Lithium-Ion

It is an 18-volt impact driver manufactured by Makita and has huge twisting which mainly ranges from Ibs 480-1420. The motor of this impact driver is advanced and robust which can perform quite well while drilling with the bits. Moreover, it has battery-boosting power system, which confirms better battery time by simply managing overvoltage, overheating and overcharging. Users can easily recharge its battery within thirty minutes. It has cooling fan in order to ensure the life expectancy of lithium ion battery.

  • Makita XT211M 18V LXT Lithium-Ion

This impact driver is very lightweight tool, which is quite competent for generating powerful twisting of about Ibs 1420. Moreover, it is an ideal tool for driving or drilling screws on wood along with metal. The slightest noisy highly competent impact driver possesses ½ “hammer driver tool that is also fitted out with a metal trappings construction. Beside this, it is a combination kit, which contains driver drill, impact driver and eighteen-volt batteries.

  • Makita XDT042 18V LXT Lithium-Ion

This impact driver comes with highly powerful four-pole motor, which can produce toque of around about Ibs 1420. Moreover, it is supported with LED light, which allows the users to work easily during nighttime along with hard to reach places. This impact driver weighs only Ibs 3.3. It is fitted out long life battery and powerful motor.

  • Makita XDTO8Z LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless

It is a strong impact driver, which is highly suggested for masons, plumbers and electricians during construction.  This impact driver weighs only Ibs 3.4. It can produce massive torque i.e. 1420, which is extremely powerful in order to make bore and holes flawlessly for distinct purposes. It is a very handy tool and always causes less pressure in different parts of body while working. Moreover, an electric motor, which is used in this impact driver, guarantees fifty percent extra run time.

  • Makita LCT209W 12V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless

Actually, it is a revolutionary designed impact driver, which is supported with two sets of the combination kit. Moreover, it is powered by with two sets of the twelve-volt lithium batteries, which can perform torque of 800 Ibs, which is quite good for distinct driving, drilling and fastening purposes during the time of construction. Beside this, weight of this adjustable speed impact driver is Ibs 2, which is quite handy to use and carry. The small and extremely lightweight impact driver can produce twisting which ranges from Ibs 200-800.

All models of Makita impact driver 2016 are reliable and offer outstanding performance.

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