These days, treadmill is gradually becoming one of the most common kinds of device for working out at home. It offers an effective and easy way to do exercises. For many people, treadmill is a perfect option to start a new way of exercising as walking or running is commonly performed by most people regardless of level of physical fitness and condition. When the endurance and strength are improved, a treadmill could be used to jog or train.

Benefits of using the treadmill

  • It is a simple piece of equipment, which is quite easy to use for working out.
  • It provides an unsurprising surface, which is a lot simpler to work than a trail, curb or sidewalk. In addition, the fear of slipping is lowered
  • A user could control all elements of the exercise, including energy reserve, period of cooling down, period of warming up, incline and speed.
  • In fact, a user could make a customized schedule to match with the plan that they want to do an exercise.
  • Various users could use a similar device without changing its structure
  • Some types of treadmill offer particular qualities such as monitoring heart rate or countering step so that you could track the process of training.
  • Using a treadmill to run would probably burn the calories much quicker than any other types of exercises at home
  • A user could do other tasks while he is working out on a treadmill, such as reading or watching TV, which could help the process of training more interesting for many people

If your main concern is losing weight or becoming in good shape, then a treadmill for home would be a good choice to achieve those goals.

Drawbacks of using the treadmill

  • A treadmill could be costly, some models even over 2000 USD.
  • The surface of a treadmill could also have a vital effect on your ankle joint, knee, hip or back. It is important to test the surface.
  • It could take up lots of space in your room. In general, a complex treadmill would take up a considerable amount of area (about 70 inches in length and 35 inches in width) and would not fold up.
  • As other types of device with programmed motors and parts, it often requires a professional mechanic to fix or guarantee a treadmill.
  • Several types of treadmill integrate roaring engine, which could prevent from organizing any activities next to this device.
  • It offers a limited choice of working out, including running or walking. Thus, a couple of users find that using a treadmill is quite boring after several times.

Which factors to consider before buying a treadmill

Like a stationary bicycle or elliptic training shoes, a treadmill could be quite costly, so it is a wise choice to have a go on a wide range of various models or brands in the market to go for the device with the proper combination of qualities. A couple of important features and factors that you should take into consideration include:

  • The space of the surface: It must be wide and long enough for a user to perform the basic running and walking so that he could prevent from tripping or falling
  • Quality of cushion: It needs to offer adequate absorption to lower the effect on your joints. However, it should also not so much bounce, which could lead to unstable feeling.
  • Manual and electronic controls are simple to program, read or use
  • A suitable level of noise: you should check it with a running or slow mode
  • The quality of the stability and workmanship

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