Whether you are an experienced or new rider, it is highly likely that you are going to wear a dirty or smelly helmet after a long time of riding your motorcycle. A lot of people want to how to clean the lids out or inside, and even though there are a wide range of different suggestions and methods, we will show you the most effective way to achieve this. After reading this post, we hope that you could use it to maximize your riding experience.
If you are wearing a helmet with a detachable interior liner, then you would pretty much get it made. First, you should take off the cheek pad or/and liner and then put them into your laundry machine with slow cycles. While it is washing, you could clean the exterior part of your helmet by using mild detergent and a soft micro fiber, towel, or cloth. Make them slightly wet, then put a couple drops of mild detergent and gently wipe the shell. As a result, the detergent would perform its function with the dirt or grime. After you have done all above steps, remember to wipe off with clean water until all of the detergent are removed. You will be left with an oil-free, clean, and shiny shell.

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